Justine (krazy4gandalf) wrote,

i had a dream about the song 'moon river' last night, probably because martha has been playing it and i was talking to barrett the other day about it. this morning i woke up with it playing in my head! and i then i listened to it like 74893742 times today. gahhhhhhhhhhhh. its so gooodddd.

last week was quite unfun. but i learned that i need to take care of myself more i suppose. hooray. and now im a goddamn pill-swallowing connoisseur. i do it with ease! i used to have trouble. woot. also, my respect for anyone in the medical profession was reaffirmed. i could SO never do that. christ.

jesus i can't wait until summer. higohos;fhsifg. it's going to be so amazing. holy shit. but before that= work. gahh. its overrr in 17 days! so little time!

im going to see james taylor and tom petty this summer! and maybe more! yayyayyayyay. my dad wants to see john fogerty, and i'd go with him, because who doesn't want to see john fogerty?, but he's with JOHN MELLENCAMP. EW. i cannot get over his whole wearing-vests-over-bare-skin-thing. its so gross, he loves himself way too much. and i dont even really like his music. should i stay or should i go? moral ambiguity. i dunno. john fogerty is so good! damnit.

van morrison has a new album out soon! i wonder if it's good. 'the healing game' is my favorite of his recent stuff. and it's fucking good. damnit. i wish he was touring in the US this summer. stupid europe.

'whispering pines' by the band. amazing. i cannot get over it. i love richard manuel. and then LEVON at the end! ohhhh man. so good. so good.

yesterday was founder's day here. i didn't do much for it cuz it was raining, but i did see the fireworks at night and i LOVE fireworks so i was wayyy happy. when i was younger they scared the fuck out of me. i remember being at shea when there were fireworks and i distinctly remember thinking this gigantic pink one, it was enormous, was going to kill me. i think i had a heart attack. look! ive matured! i can now enjoy fireworks. AND i can swallow pills. I'VE BECOME A WOMAN.

speaking of the mets, i'm seeing them twice this summer. once with my mom, which is funny, because she doesn't really understand baseball and it's amusing to watch her follow it ("Man on first! Man on first!"...Mom, WTF?)

watch out dave, taryn wants to marry bill clinton! i worry about you taryn--don't you remember monica? damn girl!

one more thing: last week's mini-ordeal made me remember how lucky i am to be relatively healthy. jesus christ, the ER/hospital was a bunch of sad stories. anytime i start complaining about health stuff i need to remember, wtf justine, you're fine. because i really am. and so lucky to have the money to pay for medicine that will help me out, and hospital care, and whatever else. uh oh, starting to get preachy! obnoxious. i'm out.

friends friends friends, i misssss y'all. home so sooooon. i can almost taste summer! almost.
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