Justine (krazy4gandalf) wrote,

well. i'm an idiot. i was in the process of changing my icon today when i realized that i had already apparently had the maximum number of icons allowed, 3. but i was confused, because i was positive that i only saved the peace sign one and levon helm one. ah-HA! apparently one of my dear friends created another icon for me, a picture taken with CHELSEA'S camera, which makes me suspicious of that 'friend' in particular--hahaha--of me holding a beer. which, for the record, was carly's dad's. anyway. whoever it was, you're very clever, and i'm very stupid, because i didn't notice it for what must have been a long while since it's been up.

in other news, i let martha post an entry recently, and it was all about how i'm a lesbian, but i deleted it with the intention of putting it back up. but now i've lost the entry that i thought i saved. so. sorry martha. i hope you still love justine the lesbian and especially justine the roommate.

barrett and i took a midnight walk of sorts the other night and we saw a MUSKRAT. which barrett initially claimed was a rat. but do rats do a doggie-paddle sort of thing in ponds? i don't think so.

what the fuck, why am i not writing my paper?? shiite. stupid justine. get on that.
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