Justine (krazy4gandalf) wrote,

oh man. my room has started getting really fucking hot. and it reminds me of the very beginning of the year, the first few days here. straaaange.

i went on a very long run yesterday through the trails behind the farm. it was beautiful out. and i saw the sunset. it was perfecttttt. :-D

gahhh it's going to be weird to leave! i'm going to miss people. i thought all along, nah, it won't be a big deal, it's only 3 months. and it really isn't a big deal, i know that. but tis still sad. i guess it says something about my improved feelings about vassar, though. hahaha.

packing. is. going. to. suck. i have an exam at 1 on tuesday and then that whole afternoon and night is just going to be me packing and probably cursing the blue stickytac shit that won't come off the wall. i swear, if i get charged cuz of that damn blue stickytac....bitches will be slapped. damnit. my part of the room is a complete mess though. absolutely disgusting. i really wish i was done now, so i could have a couple of days to pack and chill out with people and say goodbye and whatnot. the way it is now, having an exam the last day, and a paper i haven't written yet, i'm gonna have no time. poo on that.

on to sayville: i cannot wait to see everyone at home!!!! :-D!!! i was telling people here about fire island. people are very much intrigued. especially with cherry grove. mwahaha. long islanddddd.

it's going to be so exciting to come home. SO much to look forward to this summer! i would make a list but it would be giant. so forget that. but we start the summer of with a BANG with star wars. woot woot. nerd!

leaving in 4 days, i can't believe it! see everyone very very soon. :-D :-D :-D

i need to go read a book and write a paper on it now. fuck !
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