Justine (krazy4gandalf) wrote,

today my dad and i were sittin in the cvs parking lot, waitin for my mom to come out of the store. as she was getting into the car, we all heard a screech and a loud smack. i looked over and saw a guy lying in the middle of street, and a motorcycle nearby. an old lady had hit this guy, he flew way off his motorcycle, and he was moaning real loud. his femur was sticking straight out of his leg. it was awful. my mom immediately went over and stayed with him in the street until the ambulance came. it's the third time i've seen her help someone in an accident. all three times i've been really scared and upset, but she's so strong and practical when she goes into nurse mode. which i guess is just what you're supposed to do, but still, it reminded me of how proud i am of my mom. she's really crazy sometimes, and i fight with her a lot, but i think she's a really good nurse.

i don't ever want to see something like that again. i hope that man is okay.
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