Justine (krazy4gandalf) wrote,

last couple of days have been really really good. 2 days ago...lessee, went to the beach with rosie [finally went in the ocean for the first time this summer!] came back and hung out with rose and sean, went for a run with people, went out to dinner with rose/sean/dave, then watched wet hot american summer with 'em. damn good movie. and yesterdayyy chelsea was home for a bit, so we chilled out, met up with jefff, ate dindin with greg bodkin, and then hung out with jeff/tony/neil/dave/matt v. somewhere in there i ran with rosie and malcolm. went to the beach late. it was reallly nice. slept over chelsea's. etc etc. woot woot.

its hotttt today. would be a good beach day except for stupid fucking doctor appts that my mom has scheduled in the middle of the day. goddamnit. though i realllly shouldn't complain. i don't even start work till july 5. hahaha. loser.

doofy sayville was in the wall street journal yesterday--scroll down a little bit, theres a couple of paragraphs.
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