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krazy4gandalf's Journal

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i am silly and tactless ! :-D
acoustic guitars, adam brody, all the president's men, almost famous, american history x, amnesty international, andy dick, andy warhol, animal house, art, arthur, bananas, beach, bearded hippie men, bob dylan, books, british rock, brooklyn, bumper stickers, chocolate, coffee table books, coldplay, collages, college basketball, comics, concerts, creedance clearwater revival, crosby stills nash young, daria, dw, electric guitars, elijah wood, flip-flops, forrest gump, gandalf, george harrison, georgia o'keefe, gideon yago, good will hunting, greenwich village, grover, happy people, harrison ford, healthy food, hinduism, hippie clothes, hippies, ian mckellan, incense, india, indiana jones, james taylor, janis joplin, jeans, jelly belly jellybeans, jim henson, jimi hendrix, john belushi, john lennon, john mayer, john steinbeck, joni mitchell, journalism, junk food, kermit, knicks, lava lamps, led zeppelin, levon helm, liberals, lord of the rings, love, manhattan, mary quant, maureen dowd, metal lunchboxes, mets, mo rocca, mod, monty python, morgan freeman, mr. bennett, nerdy boys, norah jones, norman rockwell, orange, origami, paul krugman, peace, peace signs, peanut butter, pete yorn, pickles, politics, postcards, posters, real world, records, rent, robert redford, rosie the riveter, saturday night live, scarves, seinfeld, sesame street, seth green, simon and garfunkel, skinny boys, sneakers, social studies, st. john's, star wars, summer, sweaters, swimming, teddy ruxpin, the 60's, the band, the beatles, the beegees, the last waltz, the muppets, the new york times, the onion, the rolling stones, the who, thrift shops, tolkien, tom hanks, tshirts, vacation, vintage, washington dc, weirdos, will ferrell, woodstock '69, writing, yoda